How to clean a carpet without vacuum

You may have many reasons for not using a vacuum to clean a carpet. It may be a very abstract issue, but you just may not have electricity. That would be difficult to imagine if you are in the United States. Another could be that you either don’t have a vacuum cleaner or the one you have to clean a carpet has packed up. You could be having some old crotchety neighbors that you don’t want to trouble.

We could go on with the reasons, but the bottom line being that you need to clean a carpet without vacuum. That would be good enough for us and let us find out what the options would be, that you could use. If it is a large and cannot be removed then you may need a specific strategy to clean a carpet. If it can be removed then your life would be more comfortable. Anyway we would place the following methods and let you choose.
We place a few tips which have been tried and tested and some quite ancient too. You could employ any of them to get your carpet cleaned. It would cost a few calories of energy no doubt, but not much money.

1. Do what our grandmothers did

Sweep the carpet especially if it is large and cannot be moved with an old fashioned broom. The broom would have some rough natural bristles which would help. Stubborn dust may not dislodge but pets fur, human hair, and other particles could be swept off.
carpet cleaning without vacuum
Keep a dust pan with you and collect whatever is being swept off, into it. Starting from the lower end and going up would ensure that you collect most of what comes off. Then turn around and start from the top and come down again. This would ensure that both sides of the fibers would be cleaned.

2. Remove the stains with vinegar

If you find stains on the carpet use a mixture of vinegar and water. Get a few clean white towels and spray the mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. Then place the towels on the stain and gently dab the stain away. If the stain persists then liberally spray the mixture and place the clean white towel on it and keep a weight overnight.
If it is an old stain repeating the process a few times could remove the stain. Patience may be needed and doing it over and over again, would ultimately remove the stain. Vinegar which is acetic acid and water works efficiently on stains and many use it without resorting to harsh chemicals.

3. Sponge the dirt off

If the carpet is laid over a large area you may need to really work on it. Start from one corner of the carpet and keep sponging it with a mixture of water and vinegar. It would be hard work but you would eventually get your carpet cleaned.
The fruits of your labor would depend on the quantum of effort that you have put into it.
carpet cleaning without vacuum

4. Try a carpet sweeper

Carpet sweepers were used extensively before vacuum cleaners were invented. They are good and works well on large carpets and is much easier to use than, sponging. But you would get a better clean up with a sponge. Carpet sweepers gave way to vacuum cleaners and are still used by some.

5. Give it a whack

If the carpet could be removed, then hang it on a line and get a good pole and give it a good whack. Cover your nose well because you would be drenched in dust and dirt when you have finished. You are sure to get most of the dust away. Do this when the Sun is up and the day is dry.
You could keep the carpet in the Sun, and give it the whacks intermittently ensuring you get as much of the dust out. If the Sun is nice and hot you could spray some vinegar mixed with water to clean up and the Sun to dry it.

6. Try a Lint roller

A big Lint roller would pick most of the duct when you roll it from one side to the other. It would also take off hair and other particles.


It is imperative that you use some protection and cover your nose. Doing it manually could kick up a lot of dust which could be detrimental to your health. You may clean a carpet but you could fall sick too. Hence take optimum precautions before you start on any of these methods.
On second thoughts it would be better to invest on a vacuum and clean your carpet easily and without much ado. It would save you time, energy and also keep you away from dangerous dust particles.

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